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Hotel Sotavento Club Apartments Magaluf experience in Magaluf

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Hotel Sotavento Club Apartments's Magaluf experience

Hotel Sotavento Club Apartments's Magaluf

Magaluf experience

Magaluf experience

Magaluf is one of Spain´s most popular resorts. Located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Magaluf includes a wide range of tourist activities. Sun and beach days, plus endless nights with a wide range of bars and clubs to choose from.
If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation you cannot miss visiting Magaluf Europe´s party capital.
The fun has its own name: Magaluf
After the sun goes down Magaluf really comes to life, with fantastic bars & clubs to suit all tastes. The streets of Magaluf are filled with holiday makers looking for an experience to remember for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason that night tourism is one of the main attractions of Magaluf. Its bars and clubs are second to none!
Here are some recommended bars & clubs for you to visit during your stay to ensure you have some fantastic nights out.

1. Flamingos at Sotavento – a perfect place to start your night, either at the pool bar or our main bar inside the hotel. Meet friends at the bar and try some of our fantastic cocktails or beers to get you night off to a great start.
2. Mulligans – Just down the hill from Sotavento at the start of the strip – Mulligans is the perfect place to get the party started.
3. Jumpin Jaks – Across the road from Mulligans with a great range of offers of drinks including cocktails & beers
4. Lennons – in the centre of “The Strip” and a great place to see all of the action happening in front of you. Get a birds eye view of everything that is going on in the heart of Magaluf´s party street.
5. Crystals – A fantastic bar with inside and outside spaces, great dj´s & fantastic atmosphere – a definite bar to include in your nights out.
6. Stereo – Probably Magalufs most popular bar with people at all ages. Try their fantastic range of cocktails as well as the new Stereo Temple.

You can round your night off at any of the 5 MCP venues including Boomerangs with regular celebrity guests or Bananas – with its fantastic themed parties, Icon, & Tokio Joes are also fantastic bars – all located on the famous “Strip” close to Sotavento.

We hope to see you here with us at Sotavento soon and don’t forget to ask about our fantastic group offers.