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Hotel Sotavento Club Apartments's Experiences by the Sea

Hotel Sotavento Club Apartments's Magaluf

Experiences by the Sea

Experiences by the Sea

Banana boat

If you come in a group, we advise you to try this fun aquatic activity. On the beach of Magaluf & Palmanova you will find several companies that offer this activity.  Many of these companies also offer similar experiences like "Crazy UFO", "Ringos" and "Fly", these last two, for lovers of extreme fun!  All prices are quite reasonable and the experience is well worth it, you will not regret it and may even try more than once!

Boat trips

Near the hotel you can find several companies that organize boat trips, this is a great way to relax and see the island from the sea.  A favourite is the excursion to the "Dragonera Island" this is a protected area with "Natural Park" status.  During the trip, stops are made so that you can enjoy with a dip in the open sea and a great walk around the island. The duration is half a day and the approximate price is € 30 for adults and € 15 for children, and includes a delicious buffet. For more information, you can go to "Aladina". You can also hire other excursions by boat, glass bottom boat for underwater view and catamaran.

Parties at the sea

For the party people, there are many party boats operating from Magaluf.  The companies organize boat trips with drinks and dj´s included, this way you can transfer the environment of Magaluf to the high seas and continue celebrating your holiday in the most lively way.  The “booze cruise” are a great way to spend an afternoon and last around three hours.

The need for speed

If you are "burning adrenaline", you should not miss the opportunity offered by "Quakejet", a 25 minute trip on a boat that goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in a distance of only 30 meters.

Submarine ride

For searchers of different experiences "Nemo Sub" offers an interesting offer. 50 minutes of diving to 20 meters of depth during which to admire the underwater views full of stripes, grouper, seahorses and marine flora, as well as caves and ravines.

Aquatic bikes

The most daring, you can rent jet skis. "Onwater Mallorca" is in Portals Nous, near the hotel, and rents and organizes departures on nautical motorcycles. "Onwater Mallorca" has a modern fleet of GTI Seadoo 130 vehicles for both licensed and unlicensed drivers.


For the more daring, we recommend you try the flyboard, an adventure sport that is becoming more and more fashionable. To those who do not sound much, we tell you that it consists of a sliding table, which is joined by a long hose to a jet ski and that throwing a powerful jet of water, allows us to glide both inside and above the sea. An experience that previously could only enjoy superheroes like "Iron Man".
If you want to try it, you can take lessons from 15 to 20 minutes, the price is about € 65 per class, but we assure you that the cost is worth it. Eye, try to behave like a hero, because they will record and photograph your experience so that you can take home a beautiful memory. The organizer is called "OnWater Mallorca", they are very close to the hotel, on the beach of Puerto Portals, near the "School of Sail".


A classic of summer on the beach is the parascending, walk the coastline of the beach climbed to a parachute dragged by a powerful motorboat. In the beaches of our island, you will find a wide offer for the practice of this sport. The prices fluctuate around 70 € and the journey time is approximately 10 to 20 minutes.


The underwater coasts of Calvià are composed of extensive posidonia meadows and rocky areas with beautiful caves and ravines, inhabited by loggerhead turtles, congeries, serranos and even barracudas. If you wish to do some underwater excursion, you can go to "Big Blue Diving" which has its headquarters in Magaluf and in Palmanova, or "H2O Adventure" in Cala Viñas, which organize from snorkeling excursions to complete diving courses with scuba diving.


In Magaluf and Palmanova, you can hire a canoe or kayak excursion along the coast. The excursions usually last half a day and we assure you that they are worth it.